We are an innovative software company in UK.

We met our first client in June 2012. Even though he was using one of the top multinational CRM vendors for managing customers, he was not happy. Why?

He was using just 10% functionality of that CRM, but still needed to wade through 90% of clutter. He also had a problem in getting timely support.

He asked us whether we could help. We knew - through market research - that other small business owners were facing this very same problem.

This led us to develop CRMUltimate, our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. We have since spent more than 10,000 development hours in shaping CRMUltimate.

We now stand as an innovative software technology company, based in UK, with the sole aim of helping small businesses by increasing their efficiency and, therefore, their sales.

Our team has over 23 years’ experience and all of our staff are highly qualified, having MBA (Marketing) and Computer Software Engineering qualifications. They have worked with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel, HP, Canon, CA, Research in Motion, bringing real insight to CRMUltimate.

We understand that all businesses are unique and we treat them that way. Unlike off-the-shelf vendors, we work closely with all our clients, to; understand their needs, fine-tune our CRM software, and empower them with training and ongoing support so that they get the most out of using CRMUltimate.

Peter Drucker, father of modern management, observed. "The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer."

That was our reasoning behind creating CRMUltimate: make it easier for businesses to create, track, and keep customers for longer periods of time, if not for life.

Our ultimate aim, for our clients: maximum sales, minimum effort.