• Lead Management
  • Contact Management
  • Fully Customisable
  • All-in-one solution
  • Improve focus
  • CRM Analytics : Real-Time Dashboard
  • CRM Analytics : Reports
  • Quick and effective search
  • Give controlled access to client
  • Complete Customer History
  • Web forms
  • Security
  • Support
  • User friendly
  • Mobile Access
  • Cloud based
  • CRM & Project Management

Lead Management

Automate and manage the sales process by tracking leads across your entire business and giving your team the tools to close new business. Manage lead capture, lead prioritising and grading, lead distribution and lead conversion easily.

  • Capture leads directly from website visits.
  • Import leads from external sources or third party business, through easy-to-use Import Wizard.
  • Alert the intended audience, in your organisation when a big deal closes or is nearing completion.
  • Automate the lead management process, using workflow, to work on only the most qualified leads.
  • Keep track of the history of an opportunity by adding notes and attaching documents.
  • Use custom fields to view relevant information inside of each lead.
  • Generate reports and extracts from the pipeline, using configurable filters.
  • Share opportunities with co-workers to enable easy collaboration.
  • Convert leads into sales opportunities, accounts, and contacts

Manage your sales leads: your way.

Contact Management

CRMUltimate provides a holistic view of the customers to determine the true value of each customer. With CRMUltimate’s fully integrated approach you can easily store, find and track all information and activities linked to contacts.

  • You and your team can view all of the contact information, notes, attachments, tasks or cases related to a contact, in a centralised place.
  • Easily add notes about conversations you've had, meeting outcomes, how the contact is known to you, all contact information and their preferred method of contact etc.
  • Apart from viewing all contacts you can also view contacts specifically assigned to you or assigned to any other users.
  • Easily search any contact using ‘quick search’, or use ‘advanced search’ for more complex searches.
  • ‘Send invitation’ so you can serve contacts better, by allowing them to access information you want to share with them online. This would avoid incessant phone calls and emails exchanged between you and your client.
  • You can ‘send email’ directly from the contact list.
  • Bulk Update and Bulk Delete allow you to update or delete multiple contacts simultaneously.
  • Clone any contact you wish with click of a button
  • Export your data to CSV files at any time (Excel compatible) at the click of a button.
  • Attach documents, agreements, proposals and other files to contacts
  • Column chooser allows you to choose the column you want to display in the list.
  • Import contacts you’ve gathered from a variety of sources, using Import Wizard.
  • Establish contact assignment rules to automatically assign contacts to the appropriate salespeople
  • Take better advantage of up-sell opportunities, and provide a consistent experience to customers.
  • Set up reminder or alerts against one or more contacts.
  • Export contact information in pdf.
  • View which contacts were created today, yesterday, earlier this week, last week, earlier this month and last month.
  • View which contacts or tasks were updated today, yesterday, earlier this week, last week, earlier this month and last month.
  • Create template or layout-based report in pdf format, which you can send to the relevant person online or offline.

Know your contacts better: increase your profits! Everything or anything you need to know about your contacts you can find easily, in seconds, anytime anywhere.

Fully Customisable

Track only the information you need! CRMUltimate’s unique features provide you with complete control over the information that you want to capture and track. All businesses operate differently, so let CRMUltimate adapt to your business not the other way round!

  • Create unlimited custom modules as per your need
  • Virtually capture any information you need by using 14 different types of custom fields.
  • Display information the way you want, by using multiple form layout.
  • Drag & Drop feature makes it easy to place fields in form layout
  • Choose the column you want to display in the list.
  • Upload your own company logo
  • Choose from a variety of colour schemes to best suit your branding.
  • Set the relationship, dynamically, between two or more modules.
  • Track all customer information you need, from one place. All customer-related contacts, tasks, cases, interactions, notes and documents available from a single location.

All-in-one solution

CRMUltimate can be used exclusively as a comprehensive, integrated, flexible solution for business

  • CRM
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Case/Issue Management Software

Improve focus

Ever lost business because you forgot to follow-up? Ever miss an important birthday or anniversary? Never miss such opportunities again. CRMUltimate help to provide clear focus by offering two features;

1) Reminder
2) Due report.

CRMUltimate provides three different ways to set reminders, for three different purposes.

1) Use calendar to set reminders regarding items not specific to CRM, for example ‘make an appointment with dentist’
2) Use CRM-related reminders to set reminders against contact, task, account or anything else. For example: if you have arranged a meeting with one of your contacts you can set a reminder against that specific contact.
3) What about setting a reminder for a customer’s birthday or renewal of services? Unlike other CRM software, CRMUltimate allows you to set a reminder once, then you can get automatic reminders based on the criteria you choose, for example: you can set a reminder for any time a client’s birthday is due the next day.
  • Set a reminder once to get an automatic reminder the way you want: how often and whether you want it by email or pop-up.
  • You can set reminders for others as well.
  • You can also set reminders against multiple contacts
  • View all of your reminders in once place.
  • Set recurring reminders.
Due report:
With CRMUltimate’s due report, plan your day/week/month, in advance!
  • Due report gives you view regarding what tasks are due today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, next month and beyond.
  • Use due reports in any module not just the task module
  • You can run due report against any date field, such as; due date, client birthday, upcoming meeting, service renewal, policy renewal,

Never miss anything important!

CRM Analytics : Real-Time Dashboard

Dashboard helps you to gain complete visibility of day-to-day operations. You can gain insight into important trends. It provides a quick and easy overview of current business performance.

Use one of the most powerful and unique dashboards available in CRM software. We have designed the dashboard in such a way that most of the work you would usually do across various modules, you can now do with a single mouse-click from dashboard.

  • Software supports public and private dashboard
  • Choose combination of reports and queries and result you can see directly in dashboard with a single click
  • Quickly create or search tasks or contacts directly from dashboard
  • Keep tabs on competitors by listing their website or track any other websites you want
  • Track any tasks or contacts created, updated or assigned

CRM Analytics : Reports

Ever get frustrated with clients because you need to constantly update them regarding status of important task through phones and emails? CRMUltimate provides better way to handle it. With CRMUltimate you can provide access to external users such as client on controlled basis so that they can view particular item such as task, support ticket, claim or policy status at any time.

  • Custom reporting capabilities
  • Dynamically create unlimited number of tabular and distribution type reports and charts
  • Customisable reports per module, using saved queries
  • Reports can be saved as Private reports (to be viewed and used only by the creator) or can be shared as Public reports, to be viewed and used by anyone.
  • Export reports to a variety of formats (including Excel, Word, RTF and PDF)

Quick and effective search

Use the most powerful search facilities available across CRM software.

Robust search functionality facilitates filtration of meaningful information in seconds. You can use quick search or advance search, depending on your requirements.

  • Quick search not just by name, but by any field you have used to capture client data
  • Build Advance search with easy-to-use query builder (custom fields can be used).
  • A search can be saved as Private (viewed & used only by the creator) or can be shared as Public, where it can be viewed & used by anyone.
  • Manage Public and Private Queries by editing, deleting and cloning at any time.
  • Unlimited queries across modules
  • Use “group” clause to create the most powerful query
  • Supports AND/OR/NOT logic
  • Saved queries can be used to power dashboards and reports

Give controlled access to client

Ever find it tricky, balancing the need to regularly update clients regarding the status of an important task, through phone calls and emails? CRMUltimate provides a better way to handle this. With CRMUltimate you can provide access to external users, such as clients, on a controlled basis so that they can view particular items, like; task, support ticket, claim or policy status, at any time.

Complete Customer History


Have a full audit trail. Each correspondence with a customer i.e. phone call, copy of email, letters, chat can be recorded for future reference.

Each and every change in contact or task will be tracked by showing exactly who changed it, what was changed and when.

Web forms

Capture leads from your website. Make your own web form to capture contact information from your website visitors. You can customise the wording, decide which data fields to capture, automatically update the contact information and more.

  • Create as many web forms as you want to i.e one for capturing leads, one for capturing support request.
  • Capture the exact information you want also, using the layout you prefer.
  • Send a follow-up reminder email to relevant members of your team as soon as a lead or support request has been filled.
  • You can even send a confirmation email to external users outside your organisation, by specifying their email addresses.
  • It’s fast and easy to integrate new and existing landing pages into CRMUltimate, without any developers.
  • You just need to paste the JavaScript code snippet into your pages and they’ll be ready to test and deploy!

Web forms act as a connecting link between your website and CRMUltimate!


We take the security of your data very seriously. CRMUltimate provides several layers of security through fully customisable, role-based access control. CRMUltimate is hosted in a secure environment and backed-up every few hours to prevent any possible loss of data, and is accessible through https:// only!


CRMUltimate’s powerful & flexible security is managed using roles, groups and users.


Create as many roles as you want, or use the pre-defined roles, to get up and running quickly. Roles allow you to restrict access and privileges for your users.

  • Module level security: You can limit access to a particular module of any employee or external vendor.
  • Record level security: You can set who can Create, View, Edit and Delete task or contact.
  • Field-level security: For each contact or task you can set which fields should be hidden, read-only or writeable for particular user.


You can create to control access & permissions of group of users.


Only authorised users with their own login and password can access a CRMUltimate account.

Extra security features

  • When the wrong account password is used a specific number of times, the account is locked. Only the administrator can unlock it.
  • View a list of all users currently logged into CRMUltimate.
  • Administrators may instantly disable a user at any time.

All transactions are encrypted

CRMUltimate is fully secured and accessible through secure login credentials and encryption, which ensures that only you and your authorised users can access your data.

Physical and Network data security

Our servers are hosted in secure data centres, located in UK, within a limited-access facility. Our data centres are centrally controlled with monitored card-key access. They have state-of-the-art firewall security and fully monitored network & host intrusion detection systems, with routine security audits.

Always backed up

Your data is stored in a secure hosting environment with robust restore facility. In addition, data is also automatically backed-up every few hours to a secure, third party location.

Have peace of mind!


You can depend on us. Get guidance every step of the way with on-going support from in-house experts. This includes regular advice on how to get the most out of the system for your business.

  • Support from in-house experts
  • Support via E-mail, Phone, or GotoMeeting
  • Valuable online help, including steps to get started: detailed step-by-step instructions.
  • Training videos
  • 24-hour access to FAQs
  • User-friendly GUI requires little or no training

User friendly

Exceptionally powerful & easy to use: no need for extended training. Fast implementation: be up and running in just a few hours.

CRMUltimate is built to be simple to learn and easy to use. The intuitive, clean, and powerful interface significantly increases productivity. You can focus on business activities rather than having a steep learning curve when starting to use the software.

  • Usability aspects considered in all phases of design
  • High quality & easy to use Web-Based User Interface
  • Extensive use of AJAX and JQuery gives users the feeling that they are working on a desktop application.
  • Supports all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.
  • Optimised for consistent high performance.
  • Very easy to use, setup, administer and maintain.

Mobile Access

Take your office with you and stay connected with CRMUltimate Mobile functionality. You can continue to work through your smartphone or tablet, to be as productive on the road as you are in the office.

Access from any device without syncing or installing.

Cloud based

Ever turned up to a client meeting without printout?

CRMUltimate is 100% web-based, with nothing to download, install, update or upgrade. You can enjoy 24/7 access to your client data from anywhere, which gives you flexibility to work from your office, home, or even at a client site. No investment is required in hardware, software or IT resources to install and maintain it: no worries of hardware failure!

Why Hosted?

  • CRMUltimate is 100% web based. No installation or downloads required
  • No investment in hardware, software & or IT required
  • Secure and fully backup
  • Automatic free upgrades when new features are available
  • It’s flexible and you can cancel the contract at anytime

Access data from anywhere, anytime.

CRM & Project Management

You can have multiple projects, each tracking various things associated with customers or support cases. These projects can connect to other modules as well sales and support team.

  • Set reminders to ensure a project is finished on time and on budget.
  • Add relevant users to projects and assign tasks to various project users
  • View completed tasks per project
  • Include any files associated with the project
  • View project-specific Reports
  • If needed, involve your client directly by providing controlled-based access

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